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Examples of Reports Available on GouldTrack
This page gives you visual examples of how Gouldtrack reports work. Scroll down to review each report. 

 Green Driving
[Image: vioreport.png?w=807&h=418]
This is a green driving violation report, generated using data from the Teltonika FM3620. This type of report will display any triggered events sent to the tracking, this includes harsh braking, harsh accelerating and harsh braking.
Location History
[Image: locreport.png?w=700]
Location History – This will display all the fixes that have been received from the selected device.
First and Last Location
[Image: locreport1.png?w=700]
First and Last location – This will display the location that the vehicle first started at, at the beginning of the day, as well as showing where the vehicle ended up at the end of the day.
Average speed
[Image: min-avg-speed.png?w=700]
Average speed – This is a report where you are able to select a group of vehicles, set the parameters for minimum speed and average speed.
Enter/Leave Geofence
[Image: geoel.png?w=700]
Enter/Leave Geofence – This will make a report of all the times that the specified vehicle enters and leaves the specified Geofence.
Last Fix
[Image: lastfix.png?w=700]
Last Fix – This will allow you to make a report with vehicles specified on Gouldtrack that displays the last fix’s received from the trackers, As well as giving you the Google Map’s link and address.
[Image: mileage.png?w=700]
Mileage – By selecting vehicles from your list on the tracking we are able to generate a report with a specified stop and start date to calculate the total mileage on the vehicles.
[Image: overspeed1.png?w=700]
Overspeed – This will generate a overspeed report for the selected vehicles with the specified limit, Listing all the fix’s that came in with a speed higher than selected.

Vehicle History in Area
[Image: locationhistoryarea1.png?w=700]
Vehicle History in Area – Using a map, and selecting the area as well as the radius for that area we are able to generate a report that will show us the activity of selected groups/vehicles in the radius.

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