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Updating the Novus Camera's
Camera Firmware Update 3.6v for Ruby 100/150 – with Default Settings


It is important that the correct compatible firmware is used to update the camera. Using the incorrect firmware update could cause damage to the camera. Please check the below spec to ensure this is the correct firmware update for your camera.

This firmware update is for the HD dual lens cameras only: Ruby100 and Ruby150 with serial number starting with VRK.

[Image: nov1.png?w=350&h=227]

If you are unsure if this is the correct firmware update for your camera, please email and send the following details:

Camera serial number:

Camera modal number:

Date of purchase:

If this is the correct firmware update for your Ruby100 or Ruby150 with standard settings, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1 – Format the SD Card

Insert an appropriate SD Card (32Gb or less) into your computer and reformat as follows;

  1. Select Start Menu
  2. Select My Computer
  3. Left click once on the SD Card to highlight
  4. Right click once on the SD Card to produce the windows pop up menu
  5. Left click on “Format…” from the list and the appropriate pop up window will appear
  6. Ensure that the options show the correct capacity for your card
  7. Set File system to FAT32 and Allocation unit size to 32 Kilobytes
  8. Ensure that Quick Format is ticked
  9. Left Click on the Start button at the bottom of the Format window.
  10. Once complete, close the Format window.
Step 2 – Download The Firmware

Please follow the link [url=]HERE and download the firmware update onto your computer desktop.

This will take you to Filedropper web page and click the Download This File button.

You do not have to sign in or register to Filedropper.


Step 3 – Transferring The Firmware Update onto the SD Card

With your freshly formatted SD Card in the computer open the folder that you downloaded from our dropbox so that the 3 x .bin files are visible in a window. Highlight all 3 files, right click on the highlight and select copy.

Go again to your start menu and into my computer and double click on the SD Card so that an empty window appears. Right Click in the window and select paste.

The 3 x .bin files should now be visible within your card window.

Close all windows and safely eject your SD Card.

Step 4 – Updating Your Camera

  1. Insert the card with the 3 x .bin files
  2. Power on your camera
  3. The camera will go through a series of light flashing sequences while the firmware is downloaded. Once complete, the camera will switch off, then power back on to a standard boot sequence.
  4. Power down your camera and remove the card with the 3 x .bin files
  5. Firmware update complete. You can now re-insert your original card back onto camera to continue recording. Highly recommended you format this card before if not done already.

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