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How To Install Gould Pager (LOCKED DOWN MODE)
Set up the locked mode without phone rooting

In order to install the Gould Electronics pager, follow the instructions below:
1. Install kiosk app
1.1. Connect the phone to your PC by USB.  If it asks for permission to access data, tap "Allow". 1.2. Copy APK files (headwind-kiosk.apk and GouldPager.XXX.apk) to the SD card.
1.3. Disconnect the phone from the computer.
1.4. Install both apps using the File Manager app.
1.5. If the installation is blocked, click "Settings" in the popup window, find "Unknown Sources" and set the switch "Allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store".
1.6. Kiosk may fail after first start, this is normal (it doesn't yet have rights to start in locked mode).
2. Prepare the installation PC
2.1. Install Android Studio ( or ADB (Android Debug Bridge) drivers (
3. Setup the kiosk mode
3.1. Open Settings, About Phone, Software Info. Tap 7 times on the "Build Number" option. The Developer options will then reveal.
3.2. Open Settings, Developer options, select "USB Debug", allow USB debugging (set the checkbox "Always allow debugging from this computer”).
3.3. Connect the phone to your PC again (the ADB device must be recognized by Windows). Tap "Allow debugging from this computer" on the phone.
3.4. Open "platform-tools" on the PC, run "script.bat". You must not get any error messages.
3.5. On the phone, open Settings, Apps, Home Screen, select "Kiosk".
4. Setup the kiosk app
4.1. If you need to setup a specific logo in the Gouldtrack Pager, save it to an SD card (the recommended logo size is 512x512px).
4.2. Run "Headwind Kiosk"
4.3. Configure the GouldTrack Pager application. Set the Pager ID which is setup in the GouldTrack web app. Select the logo which is uploaded to phone in section 4.1 if required.
4.4. Start the pager app in kiosk mode by tapping "Start Pager in Kiosk Mode".
5. Exit the kiosk mode
5.1. To exit the kiosk mode, tap 10 times in top left corner of the screen, then enter password: 12345678 (or another password if you have changed it).
6. Troubleshooting
If the script.bat returned any of the following messages, it means there are already some accounts enabled on the device. The simplest solution is to do the factory reset.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Not allowed to set the device owner because there are already some accounts on the device
        at android.os.Parcel.readException(
        at android.os.Parcel.readException(
        at Method)


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