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Installing the GouldTrack App!
How to install the GouldTrack App: 
[Image: logomakr_9u8vrj.png?w=305]

To install the GouldTrack App on your iOS (Apple) device, find the App Store app on your home screen. Search for GouldTrack.  
Alternatively, use this link:

To install the GouldTrack App on your Android device, open the Play Store on your home screen and search for GouldTrack. 
Alternatively, use this link:
How to log in to the App: 
If you have been registered with us, then tap the "Login as corporate customer" button. If you are a new user and want to test the app before paying for 2+ users, login via social media or email.
The screen will look like this, Login with the details given or create your account.
 [Image: image003.png]
If successful you should be logged in and presented with a map and your location, The app is now ready to track.
[Image: screen696x696.jpeg]
Your device will now also be tracking on - To view this just enter the address on a computer and login.

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