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How to Generate Reports
How to make reports when using the GouldTrack app

Go to on your computer or your Tablet, It will bring you to this page:

[Image: gouldtrack-co-uk.jpg?w=665]

If you made your account on the app and signed up through Google Plus or Facebook, then select “Mobile User?” It will give you the option to login to GouldTrack with your alternate account.

[Image: 2.png]
Once you are logged in you will be at the Tracking home page.

[Image: 3.png?w=665]
Go to the “Reports” tab on the toolbar:

[Image: 4.png?w=665]

Click this and it will bring this menu down:

[Image: 5.png?w=665]

Select the report you would like to generate. For example, a Location History Report:

[Image: 6.png?w=665]

Firstly, select the Type, Group and device you would like to view the history of, and the the start + end date.
CSV is a common file format that can be opened by most processing software, or you can choose XLSX.  This is a Microsoft extension that can be opened in Excel.
Gould Electronics offer a KML format. You will need Google earth installed for this. Once Google Earth is installed, you generate the report to open Google Earth, and you can point the coordinates on the map.

If you made a report in CSV format, You may be prompted with a box that asks you how you would like to store the file. Chrome users may find that the box prompt will not appear and the report will start to download automatically.
Click the downloaded file and you will be prompted with this box (or similar):
[Image: 7.png?w=665]
If you do not have openoffice or Microsoft office to install and you are unable to open the file, you can download a free piece of software called CSV Viewer. Here is a virus scan to ensure it is safe to use: Link

Open the file with your chosen program:
[Image: 8.png?w=665]

[Image: 9.png?w=665]

It will open and look like this table:
[Image: 10.png?w=665]

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