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Alert Message For Stationary Users
Alert Message For Stationary Users

GouldTrack can be used for other activities, such as walking, running and cycling.  We have added an alarm feature, so that if the device stops moving between certain hours for a set period of time, then you will receive an email and an SMS message to alert you that something might be wrong.  Essential for lone workers, or lone joggers. 

1. Once logged in, click on "Settings" then "Notifications".
2. You will see all the set up notifications you have activated before, if you have not this will be blank - to start click "Add".
[Image: jyB5nSzhRhK_jjj4jVuwbA.png]
3. Now you need to name the report, and add the device that you would like to monitor. Under the button "type", select stationary alarm.
4. To check that the feature is fully functioning, once you have entered all the settings, and set up the device so it is online, leave it idle for a specified time to ensure you receive a message like the one below: 
[Image: PLOtZC3.png]

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