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How To Use Green Driving (Driving Violation)
Gould Electronics have customised the trackers to include Green Driving. The Green Driving feature monitors driving behaviour for events such as harsh breaking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering. 

If you need to monitor green driving events, follow the instructions below. 

Using the device list
1. To the left of the screen you will see the device list, you will notice a car icon below the device name that looks like this - [Image: FU7bm2FjRuyHGac2FepF7g.png]
2. This icon will change from Green>Amber>Red depending on the users driving habits, if the device reports 2 events within a 30 minute time gap you will see the icon change to amber, and if 4+ events occur you will see the indicator turn red. This makes it easy for you to monitor driving behaviour without needing to look through logs. 
3. Once the time passes you will notice that the icon returns back into green. You can change this by going to "Settings" then "Common" and you will see this option.
[Image: Z6g0-ay0Q-u8NGkXEfexPg.png]
You can adjust these settings accordingly.

Using the fix log
1. On the home screen for the tracking at the bottom you will see a log of all incoming fixes
[Image: S3aIXjRDQ2OdL2IBt_WcLg.png]
2. You can filter this list between four different parameters
[Image: auXZY5QtQHGjeSsMud_mSg.png]
3. Once you have selected "Events" this will filter the log of all events, including Green Driving events, as well as trip starts and stops. 
Currently you will see all devices on your account listed on your log. If you would like to filter the log to one device, go to the list on the left hand side, click on the name of your preferred device, and the log will be refined, as per the example below: 
[Image: SYz0CZzZSuqID6CgAD_l6w.png]

Using reports
1. Click on "Reports" and click "Driving Style" then "Green driving violation"
2. Select the device(s) you would like to view green driving reports for and what type of alarms.
3. This will generate a report like this: 
[Image: ySKCjxqzRfW1DvQlmLVI3A.png]

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