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How To Setup SMS Reports
How To Setup SMS Reports

1. When you are on the tracking home page, on the top bar select "Settings" and then "Notifications":
[Image: 31GGi_oSQ9m1fly_a72Kug.png]

2. Make sure you enable notifications
[Image: SCUUZY6QRxe2gATZ13A9lQ.png]

3. Enter the phone number you would like to receive SMS messages to, you can enter a email as well but this is not needed.
[Image: tLp6ap6QSzmLFP13E_dlRw.png]

4. Now click "Add" and fill out the report details for the type of notification you would like to receive
[Image: BpmVGKb-RGe6UjSaA21q_w.png]

5.  Click "Save" and now your report will be ready to be sent out.
[Image: IQo0yE13SYO13HK27XGYRw.png]

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