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Getting Familiar With GouldTrack
Use this helpful page to get familiar with the GouldTrack set up. 

The User Interface
This is a default view of the GPS server. To open the tracking screen, click "Tracking" in the menu.
The tracking view contains multiple map views, a list of devices and a list of events. The boundaries between the subviews can be dragged, so that you can set up the screen in the most suitable way for your use.

Map view
The map shows the locations of your devices. Move the map by dragging it, zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.
You can change the map type by clicking the layer icon. [Image: maps-e1502266410913.png]
The icon "Full screen" can be used to open a map view in a full-screen mode.[Image: help-full-screen.png]

Device list
The device list contains all your devices and icons so you can check the status of your vehicle.
[Image: irfytsy.png]
The list item contains the device name, last time it was online, and many icons.
[Image: screenshot_33.png]Green when the device is online.
[Image: screenshot_34.png]yellow when the device has not been seen in 10>60 minuets.
[Image: screenshot_35.png]red when it is offline.
Follow on map: click the icon to find the device.
Open on Google Maps: click the icon to open Google Maps with this device.
Snail trail: show the trail of the device (click the icon once again to disable the trail).

Snail trail details:

[Image: help-device-details-en_US.png]

When a snail trail is shown, you can select the length of the trail, or make a fine tuning of the start and end of the trail.
Click "Live" to refresh the trail when the device moves.
The option "Show fixes" turns on the displaying of all GPS fixes within the trail.
After you made changes to the snail trail options, click "Show path" to show the new trail.

Event list
The event list shows all GPS fixes, events and alarms sent by your devices.
To filter the event list, use the dropdown list "Select by". 
The following options are available:
Date: show all GPS fixes in a certain date range (not more than 1000 fixes);
Name/IMEI: show all GPS fixes of a specified device;
Events: filter by event severity (all GPS fixes, events and alarms, alarms only).

This section is available only to the local administrators.

This is the user management. There are three types of users: organization admin, manager and user.

The user password can be setup only once the user is added. The user password can be changed by the user only ("Password recovery" option).

This is the device management. The devices can be divided to groups and types (reserved for future use).

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