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How To Create Geofences
How to use Geofencing with GouldTrack

Login to from your browser or tablet. NOTE: You must be logged in to your Organization Admin or Manager account; a standard user is unable to preform this function.

[Image: 11.png]

It will bring you to a page with all your users listed. Select the “Geofences tab”

[Image: 12.png]

Here you can edit and delete Geofences that you have made previously, and make a new one if required:

[Image: 13.png]

Enter the name of the Geofence that you want to make:

[Image: 141.png]

To start a Geofence, zoom into the area where you would like to create one. By clicking on the map, you will start to make the points for a square-shaped Geofence area. Start by clicking on two different points to set the width of the Geofence.

[Image: geo1.png]

Now select the third point to set the height of the Geofence:

[Image: geo2.png]

Finally click to add the last point to finish the Geofence box:

[Image: geo3.png]

You have now made a Geofence. Note that you can make any shape/size you would like. To finish the Geofence simply click save:

[Image: geo4.png]

If you have made a mistake when creating the Geofence you can either remove your last action (Last Point), or the entire Geofence, and start again:

[Image: geo5.png]

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