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How To Add Users To Your Track (iOS)
How to add other users to your track
Before you start, make sure you are logged in with either Facebook, email, or your Google Account.
  1. Sign up the driver or personnel you would like to track. Make sure they have an active account on either Facebook, email or Google. Remember, with Gould Track, you can sign up multiple users.
  2. When logged in navigate to the “Users” tab and click through.
  3. On this page, you will see three columns titled: “You can see”, “Can see you” and “Invitation”.
  4. On the “Invitation” tab enter the email address of the driver or personnel you would like to track.
  5. The user will receive an email with a notification on Gould Track to accept.
  6. Once your member of staff accepts your invitation, you can select “Show team” and you will see them live, in green live on your screen.
  7. If they need to track you, then they would follow the steps above from 1-6 but enter your account email.

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