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How To Use The Checklist App
The instructions below will help you get the most out of your Daily Checklist.
  1. To use the daily checklist on Gould Drive, you must be signed up for a corporate account and logged into Gould Track via your web browser.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Maintenance” tab and select “Checklists” and click through.
  3. Now you’re on the Checklist page, you can create a new checklist that is appropriate for your driver’s needs.
  4. Select the device which will be applicable to the checklist, or the device group and type.
  5. You can add multiple emails to receive the completed checklists, which means you will get informed of each checklist completion.
  6. Once you have completed your checklist, and given it a title, you need to choose a department who will work through the checklist you have set. For instance, Lorry Drivers, working through the checklist: “Pre-vehicle checks”.
  7. Now you can save your checklist, and install the “Gould Driver” app on your drivers’ devices.
  8. You will require their tracker ID to synchronize the green driving violations.
  9. Once you have the app installed and the Organization ID and Device ID have been entered, you need to go back to Gould Track on your web browser. Under the “Maintenance” tab, select “Drivers” and click through.
  10. Now select “Add Driver”. Here you will enter the name of all your required drivers and give them a unique PIN. Note that no PINS can be the same.
  11. Once your drivers have been selected, and the PIN has been entered in the App, you will see your drivers name in the corner as well as the pending checklist. You will see there is a box to enter mileage as well as faults that are not on the list, these will be sent to the server with the checklist.
  12. The “Green Driving” tab will display all the driving violations from the vehicles tracker, for example – Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, and Harsh cornering.
  13. If you need to change drivers at any point, the settings icon will allow you to log out or change device ID and organization.
  14. Now the drivers’ are able to work through the checklist, which requires a simple yes or no response for each item.

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