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How To Setup Markers and Icons
How to add markers and icons on GouldTrack

Log into your tracking account at

[Image: Xw9HB8Z.png]

Click on "Administration" and select the "Layers" tab.

[Image: 21.png]
Click on "Add". This will open a pop-up box. Here you enter the name of the desired layers and a suitable icon for the layers purpose - and click save.

[Image: 22.png]

You will now see your new layer in the box below, navigate to the "Markers" tab now and click on "Add" once again.

[Image: 23.png]

5. Another pop-up box will be displayed...

[Image: 24.png]

Enter the name you would like displayed when viewing the marker, and for parent type you can either select a route or layer - for this we will be using a layer, you will then be asked which layer you would like to select.
We have a feature where you can add in your own icons if you are not satisfied with the ones provided, you can upload the image straight from your computer (please do not upload large images as this will take up a lot of your map and will make your tracking screen run much slower).
Finally select where on the map you would like to see your marker...

[Image: 25.png]

Your new marker will be visible in the list below...

[Image: 26.png]

Now switch back to the "Tracking" tab, and if this is the first time of using your newly made layer or route, go to the "Map Tools" tab which will bring up a drop down menu, click "Show layers" and you will be given a list of layers - Make sure yours is checked, close the box and there you will have your newly made marker.

[Image: 27.png]


If you would now like to easily add new markers onto your layer, right click on the location you would like the marker to be on the map, this will being up a pop-up box showing your usable layers, select your layer and fill out the details like you did in step 5.

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