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How To Setup Routes
These instructions will show you how to add a route manually on GouldTrack.

Login to GouldTrack under your organisation admin account, and click on the “Administration” tab.

[Image: screenshot_5.png?w=665]

Click on the “Routes” tab. When you are through to this page, click “Add Route”.

[Image: screenshot_61.png?w=665]

A map will pop up on the page. You can move, drag and zoom in in order to locate the area you are planning on adding a route to.

[Image: screenshot_4.png?w=665]

To begin, click the starting point for your area’s route: the first click will make your first point, and your second click is what will link the route.

[Image: screenshot_11.png?w=665]

Follow the road, mapping each point as you go. For a more accurate route, you should closely map around each corner and bend to prevent inaccurate routes.

[Image: screenshot_2.png?w=665]

Now, add the name of the track you have created, and wish to use.  Now click “Save”.

[Image: screenshot_31.png?w=665]

After you have setup your chosen route on you now now need to login to your account on the app. Select the “Routes” tab, and your new, highlighted track will appear on the map.

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