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Why GouldTrack?
Why use us? Gould Electronics have over 30 years experience in the design, deployment and support of communications solutions throughout Europe and North America. We are tracking specialists and have the largest share of the communications market in the South West. 

We offer: 
  • 3 year warranty on all items

  • Real time tracking works through cellular and Private Mobile Radio networks

  • Record vehicle and personnel entry and exit times from geofenced areas

  • Track private or business mileage by using RFID and geofencing

  • Driving data is available – offering current and historical data including alarms

  • Provides first rate lone driver and worker protection

  • Supports multiple users with different permissions across your organisation

  • User friendly web-based application from any PC, Smartphone or Tablet device
  • Units monitor the vehicles stop/start movement

  • Records all ignition data

  • Offers the option of vehicle immobilisation

  • Power Take off monitoring option
Disaster recovery
  • Data is safeguarded by multiple storage locations
Benefits of network design
  • The system works through radio and cellular networks; improves coverage and resilience

  • Provides 15 second updates via mobile data or 5 second updates to WiFi hot spot (iPhone or Android)

  • The units are network and handset manufacturer independent

  • Allows remote access for maintenance and clustered servers for reliability
Flexible Design
    Developing our tracking system in-house, means there’s more room for flexibility. The following options can be added:
  • RFID

  • CAN bus integration

  • Tacho integration

  • Temperature integration

  • Stores fixes when there is no cellular coverage
Supports multiple devices
  • 2G and 3G units

  • iPhone / iPad / Android
Vehicle Installations
  • The unit connects seamlessly with most vehicles

  • GPS antenna are fitted for accurate locations

  • CAN bus and tacho can be connected where needed

  • RFID readers can be installed for driver authentication

  • We provide professional installation by our own engineers

  • Installations are covered by our SLA’s for replacements and repairs
All our installations come with a 3 year guarantee

We use a discrete, Telematics unit to collect vehicle data, mounted out of sight.

Professional Installations

Gould Electronics offer professional installations for commercial and non commercial vehicles as well as installation for office based equipment. Our dedicated teams of installation engineers are on call 7 days a week supporting our extensive customer base.

With 1000's of systems deployed nationally, you can have confidence that Gould’s Electronics is the right supplier and fitter for you.

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