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How To Send Alarm Messages - Gould Electronics - 08-22-2017

How To Send Alarm Messages

1. Login to the GouldTrack app and navigate to the home screen
[Image: OR84uUr.png]
2. In the top right you will see a alarm notification with a (!) in. - [Image: 2H-X886RQKqPQdoewTin8A.png]
3. Once you have clicked that, entered your message, click "Send Alarm!" and this will send the message to the GouldTrack server
[Image: P6XokGJ.png]
4. You will see that the device has been moved to the top of the list and highlighted on GouldTrack for maximum visibility. The message is in the fix log at the bottom. 
[Image: ogkBBoZiRf2va8z7njQINA.png]