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How To Monitor CAN Data - Gould Electronics - 08-22-2017

How To Monitor CAN Data

CAN data allows the user to monitor more information from their vehicles, with access to engine data. 
The user can access features such as; Fuel level, RPM, Engine on time, Battery voltage, Vehicle faults and many more.

There are two ways of viewing CAN Data.

Viewing via the maps
1. Locate the device you would like to monitor, you can do this by clicking this icon - [Image: b2vN9c46R8OWJ_S0ggZrVA.png]
2. Click the device icon, this will bring a pop-up box. You can now click "Show CAN Data" to reveal your devices details.
[Image: VkhHzFlZS9GESzpEyjgJqA.png]

Viewing via reports
1. After logging in to GouldTrack, click on "Reports". Then click on "Admin". Finally click on "CAN data"
2. Once you have selected the device you would like to view, generate the report. Your report should look like this:
[Image: 0sLB40RwQ-iXJk5JsUY5Hw.png]