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How To Report a Issue to us - Gould Electronics - 08-16-2017

How To Report a Issue to us

Occasionally things may go wrong with some aspects of the tracking. It could be a network issue, a browser issue, or it could be a technical issue from our side. 

Gould Electronics has added in a feature so that you can promptly report any issues you have been having and it will be sent to the team who look after the your tracking to ensure the issue is resolved as soon as possible. 

To do this...
1. In the top right of the screen there is a envelope, click on it:
[Image: qudHaNDyS6KsbwV1D-YuKw.png]
2. Fill out a detailed message, explaining the issues you are experiencing:
[Image: Uz91yVaPSMan5n1gtVtD8Q.png]
Click on "Send"

We will review this promptly and attempt to resolve the issue as soon as possible.