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Generating Automatic Reports - Gould Electronics - 08-16-2017

Generating Automatic Reports

1. To create automatic reports, on the tracking home page, click on "Settings" and then "Auto Reports"
[Image: PXPG_9fvQli_V6f6pU2jsA.png]

2. Enable the auto report feature
[Image: nKcEhdBPTIaD8FGZeNC2MA.png]
3. Enter the email address that you would like the auto reports to be sent to
[Image: 39m9CoCWTiqDEYrayW7mVA.png]

4. Now select a report you would like to make automatic from the "Reports" list, and enter the details you require
[Image: pXbzH9fmRy24nh-sVvhljw.png]

5. Once you have entered the details the report, in the "Auto report name" tab, fill out how you would like the report to be named in your email, how often you would like the report and decide if you would like empty reports sent.  If you are making a speeding report every 12 hours but no one has been speeding, the report will be empty - you can chose if you would still like a email sent out.

After this you are finished and you can view the report you have just created under "Settings" then "Auto report" and there is your report!

[Image: _uDEAv5URG_JwKowaKpX3g.png]