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Photo What Are Work Results?
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-16-2017, 12:56 PM - Forum: Gould Checklist - No Replies

What Are Work Results?

If you want to monitor staff, this Gould Checklist App is a useful tool. The App tells you who has been using their checklists and what percentage has been filled out, plus you can read any comments that have been made by staff members. 
[Image: SBbG0m7xT26FOohRQQarIg.png]

By clicking on "Actions" and the pencil icon, you will see the screen below. 
[Image: WyyGt7p.png]

This will show you what has been filled out, as well as comments and mileage.  

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Information Getting Familiar With GouldTrack
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-16-2017, 12:36 PM - Forum: GouldTrack's Website - No Replies

Use this helpful page to get familiar with the GouldTrack set up. 

The User Interface
This is a default view of the GPS server. To open the tracking screen, click "Tracking" in the menu.
The tracking view contains multiple map views, a list of devices and a list of events. The boundaries between the subviews can be dragged, so that you can set up the screen in the most suitable way for your use.

Map view
The map shows the locations of your devices. Move the map by dragging it, zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.
You can change the map type by clicking the layer icon. [Image: maps-e1502266410913.png]
The icon "Full screen" can be used to open a map view in a full-screen mode.[Image: help-full-screen.png]

Device list
The device list contains all your devices and icons so you can check the status of your vehicle.
[Image: irfytsy.png]
The list item contains the device name, last time it was online, and many icons.
[Image: screenshot_33.png]Green when the device is online.
[Image: screenshot_34.png]yellow when the device has not been seen in 10>60 minuets.
[Image: screenshot_35.png]red when it is offline.
Follow on map: click the icon to find the device.
Open on Google Maps: click the icon to open Google Maps with this device.
Snail trail: show the trail of the device (click the icon once again to disable the trail).

Snail trail details:

[Image: help-device-details-en_US.png]

When a snail trail is shown, you can select the length of the trail, or make a fine tuning of the start and end of the trail.
Click "Live" to refresh the trail when the device moves.
The option "Show fixes" turns on the displaying of all GPS fixes within the trail.
After you made changes to the snail trail options, click "Show path" to show the new trail.

Event list
The event list shows all GPS fixes, events and alarms sent by your devices.
To filter the event list, use the dropdown list "Select by". 
The following options are available:
Date: show all GPS fixes in a certain date range (not more than 1000 fixes);
Name/IMEI: show all GPS fixes of a specified device;
Events: filter by event severity (all GPS fixes, events and alarms, alarms only).

This section is available only to the local administrators.

This is the user management. There are three types of users: organization admin, manager and user.

The user password can be setup only once the user is added. The user password can be changed by the user only ("Password recovery" option).

This is the device management. The devices can be divided to groups and types (reserved for future use).

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  How To Create Geofences
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-16-2017, 12:23 PM - Forum: GouldTrack's Website - No Replies

How to use Geofencing with GouldTrack

Login to GouldTrack.co.uk from your browser or tablet. NOTE: You must be logged in to your Organization Admin or Manager account; a standard user is unable to preform this function.

[Image: 11.png]

It will bring you to a page with all your users listed. Select the “Geofences tab”

[Image: 12.png]

Here you can edit and delete Geofences that you have made previously, and make a new one if required:

[Image: 13.png]

Enter the name of the Geofence that you want to make:

[Image: 141.png]

To start a Geofence, zoom into the area where you would like to create one. By clicking on the map, you will start to make the points for a square-shaped Geofence area. Start by clicking on two different points to set the width of the Geofence.

[Image: geo1.png]

Now select the third point to set the height of the Geofence:

[Image: geo2.png]

Finally click to add the last point to finish the Geofence box:

[Image: geo3.png]

You have now made a Geofence. Note that you can make any shape/size you would like. To finish the Geofence simply click save:

[Image: geo4.png]

If you have made a mistake when creating the Geofence you can either remove your last action (Last Point), or the entire Geofence, and start again:

[Image: geo5.png]

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  How To Install FMA120 Units
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-16-2017, 12:05 PM - Forum: Installation Guides - No Replies

[Image: fma120.png]
Follow the instructions below to install the FMA120 Units
Connecting Wires
  1. Wires should be connected while module is not plugged in.
  2. Wires should be fastened to the other wires or non-moving parts. Try to avoid heat emitting and moving objects near the wires.
  3. You should not be able to see the wiring and connections clearly. If factory isolation was removed while connecting wires, it should be applied again.
  4. If the wires are placed in the exterior or in places where they can be damaged or exposed to heat, humidity, dirt, etc., additional isolation should be applied.
  5. Wires cannot be connected to the board computers or control units.

Connecting a Power Source
  1. Make sure that power is still available on the chosen wire after the car computer falls asleep. Depending on the car, this may happen in 5 to 30 minute period.
  2. When the module is connected, measure voltage again if the voltage doesn't increase.
  3. We recommend that you connect to the main power cable in the fuse box.

Connecting Ignition Wire
  1. Make sure you check if it is a real ignition wire – power should not not disappear while starting the engine
  2. Check that this is not an ACC wire (when key is in the first position, most electronics of the vehicle are available).
  3. Check if power is still available when you turn off any of the devices in the vehicle.
  4. Ignition is connected to the ignition relay output. Any other relay, which has power input when ignition is on, may be chosen as an alternative.

Connecting Ground Wire
  1. Ground wire is connected to the vehicle frame or metal parts that are fixed to the frame.
  2. If the wire is fixed with the bolt, the loop must be connected to the end of the wire.
  3. For better contact, scrub paint from the place where the loop is connected.

Module Installation
  1. The FMA120 must be placed with the sticker on TOP (please refer to the picture below).
  2. It is forbidden to place the FMA120 under metal surfaces.
  3. It’s recommended to place the FMA120 device far from the car radio, speakers or alarm systems.
  4. The FMA120 must be placed so its state is as horizontal as possible.
  5. The FMA120 should not be seen or easily reached.
  6. The FMA120 should be firmly fixed to the surface or cables.
  7. The FMA120 cannot be fixed to heat emitting or moving parts.
  8. The SIM card should be inserted in the module while the connector is plugged off (while the module has no power).
  9. We recommend that you place the FMA120 device behind your dashboard as close to the window as possible. A good example of device placement is displayed in the graphic  below.
[Image: screenshot_15.png]
Connecting the power supply must be carried out in a very low impedance point on-board vehicle network.
These points in the car are the battery terminals. Therefore, we recommend connecting the power of FMA120 (wires NEGATIVE and POSITIVE) directly to the battery terminals.
Another valid option is to connect the wires to the main POSITIVE cable inside the fuse box wire (if there is none, then connect to the power supply where the fuses of the vehicle’s computer are). GROUND should be connected to the chassis, or other ground wires.
Connecting the GROUND at an arbitrary point to the mass of the car is unacceptable, as static and dynamic potentials on the line means that GROUND will be unpredictable, which can lead to an unstable FMA120 and potential failure.

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  How To Add Users To Your Track (iOS)
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-15-2017, 11:37 AM - Forum: GouldTrack App - No Replies

How to add other users to your track
Before you start, make sure you are logged in with either Facebook, email, or your Google Account.

  1. Sign up the driver or personnel you would like to track. Make sure they have an active account on either Facebook, email or Google. Remember, with Gould Track, you can sign up multiple users.
  2. When logged in navigate to the “Users” tab and click through.
  3. On this page, you will see three columns titled: “You can see”, “Can see you” and “Invitation”.
  4. On the “Invitation” tab enter the email address of the driver or personnel you would like to track.
  5. The user will receive an email with a notification on Gould Track to accept.
  6. Once your member of staff accepts your invitation, you can select “Show team” and you will see them live, in green live on your screen.
  7. If they need to track you, then they would follow the steps above from 1-6 but enter your account email.

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  How To Use The Checklist App
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-15-2017, 11:35 AM - Forum: Gould Checklist - No Replies

The instructions below will help you get the most out of your Daily Checklist.

  1. To use the daily checklist on Gould Drive, you must be signed up for a corporate account and logged into Gould Track via your web browser.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Maintenance” tab and select “Checklists” and click through.
  3. Now you’re on the Checklist page, you can create a new checklist that is appropriate for your driver’s needs.
  4. Select the device which will be applicable to the checklist, or the device group and type.
  5. You can add multiple emails to receive the completed checklists, which means you will get informed of each checklist completion.
  6. Once you have completed your checklist, and given it a title, you need to choose a department who will work through the checklist you have set. For instance, Lorry Drivers, working through the checklist: “Pre-vehicle checks”.
  7. Now you can save your checklist, and install the “Gould Driver” app on your drivers’ devices.
  8. You will require their tracker ID to synchronize the green driving violations.
  9. Once you have the app installed and the Organization ID and Device ID have been entered, you need to go back to Gould Track on your web browser. Under the “Maintenance” tab, select “Drivers” and click through.
  10. Now select “Add Driver”. Here you will enter the name of all your required drivers and give them a unique PIN. Note that no PINS can be the same.
  11. Once your drivers have been selected, and the PIN has been entered in the App, you will see your drivers name in the corner as well as the pending checklist. You will see there is a box to enter mileage as well as faults that are not on the list, these will be sent to the server with the checklist.
  12. The “Green Driving” tab will display all the driving violations from the vehicles tracker, for example – Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, and Harsh cornering.
  13. If you need to change drivers at any point, the settings icon will allow you to log out or change device ID and organization.
  14. Now the drivers’ are able to work through the checklist, which requires a simple yes or no response for each item.

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  How To Setup Markers and Icons
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-15-2017, 11:10 AM - Forum: GouldTrack's Website - No Replies

How to add markers and icons on GouldTrack

Log into your tracking account at http://www.gouldtrack.co.uk/#/login

[Image: Xw9HB8Z.png]

Click on "Administration" and select the "Layers" tab.

[Image: 21.png]
Click on "Add". This will open a pop-up box. Here you enter the name of the desired layers and a suitable icon for the layers purpose - and click save.

[Image: 22.png]

You will now see your new layer in the box below, navigate to the "Markers" tab now and click on "Add" once again.

[Image: 23.png]

5. Another pop-up box will be displayed...

[Image: 24.png]

Enter the name you would like displayed when viewing the marker, and for parent type you can either select a route or layer - for this we will be using a layer, you will then be asked which layer you would like to select.
We have a feature where you can add in your own icons if you are not satisfied with the ones provided, you can upload the image straight from your computer (please do not upload large images as this will take up a lot of your map and will make your tracking screen run much slower).
Finally select where on the map you would like to see your marker...

[Image: 25.png]

Your new marker will be visible in the list below...

[Image: 26.png]

Now switch back to the "Tracking" tab, and if this is the first time of using your newly made layer or route, go to the "Map Tools" tab which will bring up a drop down menu, click "Show layers" and you will be given a list of layers - Make sure yours is checked, close the box and there you will have your newly made marker.

[Image: 27.png]


If you would now like to easily add new markers onto your layer, right click on the location you would like the marker to be on the map, this will being up a pop-up box showing your usable layers, select your layer and fill out the details like you did in step 5.

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  How To Setup Routes
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-15-2017, 10:58 AM - Forum: GouldTrack's Website - No Replies

These instructions will show you how to add a route manually on GouldTrack.

Login to GouldTrack under your organisation admin account, and click on the “Administration” tab.

[Image: screenshot_5.png?w=665]

Click on the “Routes” tab. When you are through to this page, click “Add Route”.

[Image: screenshot_61.png?w=665]

A map will pop up on the page. You can move, drag and zoom in in order to locate the area you are planning on adding a route to.

[Image: screenshot_4.png?w=665]

To begin, click the starting point for your area’s route: the first click will make your first point, and your second click is what will link the route.

[Image: screenshot_11.png?w=665]

Follow the road, mapping each point as you go. For a more accurate route, you should closely map around each corner and bend to prevent inaccurate routes.

[Image: screenshot_2.png?w=665]

Now, add the name of the track you have created, and wish to use.  Now click “Save”.

[Image: screenshot_31.png?w=665]

After you have setup your chosen route on GouldTrack.co.uk you now now need to login to your account on the app. Select the “Routes” tab, and your new, highlighted track will appear on the map.

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Question Why GouldTrack?
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-15-2017, 10:33 AM - Forum: News - No Replies

Why use us? Gould Electronics have over 30 years experience in the design, deployment and support of communications solutions throughout Europe and North America. We are tracking specialists and have the largest share of the communications market in the South West. 

We offer: 
  • 3 year warranty on all items

  • Real time tracking works through cellular and Private Mobile Radio networks

  • Record vehicle and personnel entry and exit times from geofenced areas

  • Track private or business mileage by using RFID and geofencing

  • Driving data is available – offering current and historical data including alarms

  • Provides first rate lone driver and worker protection

  • Supports multiple users with different permissions across your organisation

  • User friendly web-based application from any PC, Smartphone or Tablet device
  • Units monitor the vehicles stop/start movement

  • Records all ignition data

  • Offers the option of vehicle immobilisation

  • Power Take off monitoring option
Disaster recovery
  • Data is safeguarded by multiple storage locations
Benefits of network design
  • The system works through radio and cellular networks; improves coverage and resilience

  • Provides 15 second updates via mobile data or 5 second updates to WiFi hot spot (iPhone or Android)

  • The units are network and handset manufacturer independent

  • Allows remote access for maintenance and clustered servers for reliability
Flexible Design
    Developing our tracking system in-house, means there’s more room for flexibility. The following options can be added:
  • RFID

  • CAN bus integration

  • Tacho integration

  • Temperature integration

  • Stores fixes when there is no cellular coverage
Supports multiple devices
  • 2G and 3G units

  • iPhone / iPad / Android
Vehicle Installations
  • The unit connects seamlessly with most vehicles

  • GPS antenna are fitted for accurate locations

  • CAN bus and tacho can be connected where needed

  • RFID readers can be installed for driver authentication

  • We provide professional installation by our own engineers

  • Installations are covered by our SLA’s for replacements and repairs
All our installations come with a 3 year guarantee

We use a discrete, Telematics unit to collect vehicle data, mounted out of sight.

Professional Installations

Gould Electronics offer professional installations for commercial and non commercial vehicles as well as installation for office based equipment. Our dedicated teams of installation engineers are on call 7 days a week supporting our extensive customer base.

With 1000's of systems deployed nationally, you can have confidence that Gould’s Electronics is the right supplier and fitter for you.

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Information Would You Like A No Obligation Quote?
Posted by: Gould Electronics - 08-15-2017, 08:50 AM - Forum: GouldTrack's Website - No Replies

Whether you need a tracking solution for a whole fleet, or just one vehicle, Gould Electronics is the company to get you on track. 

There are four ways in which you can get started.  

Get a quote online fast and easily from us directly:

Are you local? Visit us at our office:

Gould Electronics Ltd. 7 Scorrier House
Workshops, Scorrier,
Redruth, Cornwall 
UK, TR16 5AU

Or pick up the phone and give us a call:


Drop us a email:

We will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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